What is needed to rent an apartment?

Renting a residential property is relatively easy compared to many other countries. Things such as rental history and current income are not things that need to be important.

All you will need once you find the home your comfortable in and that meets your needs is your passport or a copy of your passport/visa, a deposit equal to one or two months rent, and the first months rent.

What is generally included in a rental contract?

Condo: Generally these larger apartment buildings will have free access to WiFi, cable and garbage collection, although you will pay for power at a rate of 25-30c/kWh as standard. Rubbish collection, water and cleaning services can be free or come at a small but extra charge.

Individual Apartment: These types of apartments commonly found in Daun Penh are much more subject to the what the owner wishes to provide. Water, power and rubbish will be taken care of by the tenant, and WiFi/cable TV may or may not be installed by the previous tenant or owner. These would need to be discussed on a case to case basis.

For how long must I sign the lease?

In Cambodia owners prefer to lease their apartment for six to 12 months, but can be negotiated by an agent for a different period of time.

What is the easiest way of finding a home?

You can contact us directly at inquiry@expertrealty.com.kh, 089 999 079 or on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/expertrealtycambodia, and tell us directly what your requirements are. We will try our best to find your ideal home by taking you there personally to experience the space and location yourself.