Maryann Alheidt

I was very pleased with my Real Estate Agent, Ms. Vannyka Khorn. She showed me many different apartments. It took a while to find an apartment that I liked, but Ms. Khorn was pleased to keep showing me apartments till I was satisfied. She even helped me to move in to my new apartment.


Sokun Khorn and his team helped us find the right apartment at a great price. He provided lots of options for us to look at so we could make an informed choice. He negotiated with the landlord and helped us secure a discount. Great service. We could not be happier!


Vannyka from Expert Reality was incredibly helpful. Within a few hours I was able to look at over dozen apartments in my price range. She is well respected among the people who were showing us apartments and several sellers reduced the price for her because she was so pleasant. When I finally decided on the place I liked, she helped me bargain for a great price and get a few other perks like weekly cleaning. I would highly recommend Vannyka Khorn, especially if you’re an expat like me looking for a good place to live in Phnom Penh. Did I mention she has good English and a good sense of humor? An excellent employee who knows how to do her job well.


This is just the peerfct answer for all of us


Sokun has been such a great agent for us! He has really taken our needs into consideration, and is working very hard to find us the perfect apartment.

Thanks, Sokun!


Hello Hallam and Eleanor,

Thank you so much that you give a chance to show you the apartments.
I wish you have a great day!!!!!!!

Best Regard

Hallam Stanton

I arrived in Phnom Penh to work for the summer and needed to find an apartment fast. A friend recommended Sokun and he was fantastic from the beginning. We visited a number of places before finding the perfect apartment near the Russian Market.

My girlfriend and I have been living there for a month and it has worked out well. I can highly recommend Sokun. He’s a great guy, very professional, and will definitely be able to help you.


Hello Regine Saint-Arnaud,

I really appreciate for your using my services. I will provide you and everyone all the best services.

Best Regrards.
Mr. Sokun

Regine Saint-Arnaud

Sokun is the real estate agent, the most reactive I’ve ever met in Phnom Penh!

After visiting his website (very well done website – I appreciate that he located the rentals on Google Map), we called for an apartment: 30 minutes later, we met Sokun!
He listened attentively our request and offered several visits.

My daughter was the first to find the apartment that suited her. Sokun was an excellent intermediary between her and the owner, whether for the subtleties of the lease or her various special requests.

While waiting to find housing that I wanted, Sokun regularly called me by offering what could suit me. Moreover, when I saw something to rent, I called to ask him what he thought: is this kind of rent for me???
But Sokun found “the gem” for me …

Out of it, he is a lively, very nice and friendly man.
My daughter and I have complete confidence in him.